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go!marketin is a marketing automation software that customizes its platform to meet the business needs of a wide array of industries. With a focus on catering to the SMB and SME sector, the go!marketin platform is aimed at extended the business' marketing reach to improve capturing of quality leads and driving sales conversions.
Marketing automation is the process of using a software or platform to automate the entire marketing function, which then requires minimal human effort for repetitive tasks such as emailing. Marketing automation may rely on a combination of tools to carry out various marketing tasks. Most marketing automation platforms also have the capability of measuring effectiveness of marketing initiatives to generate leads.
To begin with, marketing automation saves a significant amount of time. With the platform managing regular, scheduled tasks such as sending emails and SMS, your marketers can use their freed up time to focus on core marketing strategies. Also, since reports are readily available, marketers can make more informed decisions and create strategies that are more effective. Overall, your brand image and goodwill in the minds of consumers improves as you are able to deliver customized content to them, increasing the value they derive from each communication.
Leads capturing is the process of attracting potential consumers by offering free premier content such as videos, ebooks, white papers and so on, in exchange for basic information such as email address and industry of the user.
There are many mediums of generating a lead. Lead capturing is one such method of lead generation.
Leads nurturing is the step that forms the bridge between leads generation and sales conversion. Through carefully crafted content communications and constant delivering of value, the consumer is gradually edged towards making a purchase. Leads nurturing requires careful planning, creating, and timing of content in order to be effective.
Email marketing is just one component of the much larger marketing automation process. While automated marketing does include auto-responders for emails, they also have far reaching functions for SMSs, social media marketing, lead generation, sales conversions and, sometimes, even post sales care.
go!marketin includes a comprehensive suite of tools that include: Email Marketing, SMS Marketing, Website, Social Media, Ecommerce, Analytics. These key features are supported by a string of tools such as Click to call, Chat, Online Stores, Services Bookings, Appointments, Coupon Designing and much more.
Every business needs revenue growth – so does yours', regardless of its size. What makes go!marketin special is that is specifically designed to help small and medium businesses to develop their businesses locally. Since you will be able to promote your products and services to much larger user base than ever before, that too in a manner that most appeals to them, you are bound to build a larger, more loyal consumer base. You don't have to be a marketing expert to use the platform and can even use it from your Smartphone.
We would be glad to help you understand our platform and its benefits better through our free demo! You can give us a call on (Number) to speak to a customer service agent who will arrange for a live demo to be conducted online at a time convenient to you. You could also request a demo here and we will have one arranged ASAP. Our representatives are expert marketers and would be happy to answer any questions you have.
Just like any other product available in markets, marketing automation platforms are available at highly disparate prices – some as high as $1000 per account. However, like we said, we are focused on catering to the needs of small and medium businesses. We realize that our prospective clients do not have big marketing budgets and so we have developed different pricing plans for you to choose from.

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