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Its a Beehive of Local Online Marketing Automation, which helps Businesses Attract, Manage and keep their Customers Loyal.


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We capture leads directly from the source (your customized website), allow you to engage with the prospective customers using various automation tools and show you the results in our beautifully designed user interface.

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go marketin's unique local marketing tools allows you to evolve your potential customers to actual revenue.

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go marketin's Unique Tools allow customers to instantly connect and get offers from you.

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Why dance schools love us?

Because we are easy, convenient, comprehensive – and don't leave a major crater in your pocket! Small and medium dance studios struggle with budgets, and are unable to invest in multi-resource marketing. go!marketin believes that every business is big – and can only get bigger. Our marketing suite for dance schools is tailored to meet the unique requirements of small and medium players. We create a synergy between marketing and advertising through user-friendly, aesthetically designed online and mobile marketing tools for dance studios that minimize effort and maximize benefits. With go!marketin, you can focus on clients like never before. Our growing list of happy clients is testament to the wonders that go!marketin does for businesses. With go!marketin, every business is a big league marketer – on the go!

Ellie Jones, Dance Instructor, San Jose

" My partner and I have been trying to start a second studio for years but couldn't get enough clients in that area to make it viable. go!marketin's specialized marketing services for dance schools helped us get in touch with right audiences. Our new studio is going to launch soon. Thank you team go!marketin! "

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